IOT in transport industry provide a complete database

In this industry, exellios offers high quality and precision services in the field of :

GPS tracking :

GPS tracking is very important in today’s industries and businesses because everything is going very fast and we all want to have real-time satellite information.

In addition to this we offer real-time monitoring of informations about security, prevention and anticipation. Satellite communication become more essential.

Engine States :

Our software allows you to collect information from each connected object.

That is to say, the information on engine conditions, the vehicle condition can be obtained to prevent potential accidents, potential loss of time, etc.

This comfort is due to the technology used in Exellios !

Container states :

During transport, by truck, by boat or by plane, containers move regardless of the type of transport.

Exellios offers a database from the inside of the container, allowing to know the temperature (for refrigerated containers), the movement, thanks to sensors, cameras and detectors. Ideal to protect the merchandise and its conditions in order to avoid any problems.

Traffic :

Using a GPS directly connected to the Internet allows you to have real-time traffic data and anticipate over several days and hours.

Fuels :

Gasoline is precious! Knowing the percentage of gasoline you have in the tank is a good

thing. Knowing the exact amount of fuel remaining and the nearby gas stations with their real-time prices is better.

Critical situations :

Unfortunately a 100% secure transport does not exist. However, we can prevent almost all the risks.

Analysis :

Having data from your entire transport is more than useful. What for ?

So that all the collected information is not lost. The information always stays in our clouds for a full analysis. This analysis will allow you to draw graphs, curves and tables in order to optimize each of your transports in terms of time, savings of money and stress.