IoT Secteur hôtellier

Identify opportunities to "wow" your guests by tracking guest needs and preferences.


Predict which offers and channels will generate the best response – while at the same time managing marketing costs.


Maximize guest spending and improve experiences by delivering the most relevant, appealing offers – such as room upgrades, restaurant coupons or gift shop discounts.


Room rates based on proven analytics rather than guesswork. More profitable revenue growth. And a clear understanding of your position compared with competitors. We deliver trusted hospitality and hotel analytics software that meets your needs for:

  • Demand forecasting. Accurately forecast room occupancy and other business demands based on multiple factors – recent trends, special events, past data, etc.
  • Revenue management. Track and evaluate room sales and guest behavior, and use that insight to fill your hotel rooms at the most profitable rates.
  • Price optimization. Determine the best room rates based on all relevant factors – competition, market segment, room type, special events, etc.

See all your data. In one clean, comprehensive view.

A single, accurate record of guest interactions across multiple channels, properties and locations. Consistent, credible guest profiles that can be used for real-time marketing across the enterprise. And fast access to important information in key operating reports. SAS delivers comprehensive data management with capabilities for:

  • Data integration. Pull together guest data from all your source systems into a unified, reliable view of guest behavior – no errors, no missing details.
  • Data quality. Easily cleanse, standardize and augment data using a specialized interface and state-of-the-art data quality tools that can be customized to meet individual requirements.


Put the right staff in the right place with hotel analytics. No guesswork !

Precise demand forecasts that help you control costs and increase revenue. The ability to identify, understand and eliminate bottlenecks. And the right people in the right places at the right times. Our hotel software delivers comprehensive capabilities for:

  • Workforce planning. Make well-informed decisions about hiring, deployment and service design across all the variables that affect service volumes, guest behavior and employee performance.
  • Demand forecasting. Generate accurate demand forecasts so you can create cost-effective labor schedules that have the right number of staff on hand to meet forecasted demand.
  • Performance management. Monitor performance by evaluating how employees rank in relation to your key performance indicators (KPIs).

Guests are talking. Listen, learn and engage.

A consolidated view of hotel review sites, news sites, social media forums and more. Everything you need to plan, create, test, execute and track personalized digital communications. And knowledge from guests that lets you measure customer sentiment and respond accordingly. Our hotel software enables you to:

  • Participate in relevant, online conversations while targeting influencers with special offers and insider promotions.
  • Create dynamic customer relationships and link the data you collect across multiple channels and your back-of-house systems.
  • Evaluate the effect of each promotion, discount or partnership on your reputation and your bottom line.