Gas industry


Optimized resource allocation

Exellios allows for improved planning and budgeting of capital expenditures and predicts the volume and magnitude of the demand. Exellios analysis solutions offer highly sophisticated algorithms for a prediction of your energy consumption.


Exellios may provide:


Load prediction:

Get reliable, repeatable, and defensible load forecasts for short-and long-term planning with Exellios.


The price forecast:

Get price forecasts to anticipate future electricity prices, using mathematical models.


Renewable energy forecasting:

Know in advance the capacity of wind and solar energy available for a given moment.


With Exellios get forecasts that reflect your business and plan future events with confidence. With our telemetry system, our forecasts are transparent and documented. Our results are reproducible, scalable, traceable and defensible, improving the prediction performance of all sites at all levels. Use all your data to optimize your smart metering investments and advanced telemetry infrastructure. Our data management expertise allows you to get the most out of all your data and thus allows you to use the same data optimally. Exellios solutions also include data storage systems, ERP systems, GIS, computer systems.