Extraction of data for mining industry


Extract more availability from your mining equipment :


You are competing to meet production goals against big odds. You are aware of staff training, safety, equipment problems and even the weather.

Exellios works with miners around the world to help preserve the integrity of their fixed and

mobile mining assets.

With Exellios as your team, you will be able to improve the availability

of equipment, optimize costs and reduce personal exposure to hazards in mines.

The fulfillment of minerals and metals from the demand of the world is growing population is a daunting task.

Add the multiple challenges economics, environnementals and politics that you have to face and that might looks Insurmountable.

Furthermore shareholders always look for a rentabilty which means real process efficiency

and uncompromising reliability for equipment while ensuring staff safety.

So that’s why companies chose Exellios. We’re working together to understand you and

target your challenges and constraints to make the most of solutions in availability and


It’s up to you to choose how we can help you.


Extract the best efficiency from mining operation process.


At the begenning of a project, the key to sucess is extracting important data. Exellios uses the most advanced technology to extract all that essentials data for you like the risks, ressources, telemetry, calculations, measure and to find all solutions that you need.

Ready to optimize your extraction project to 100% ?

Improve security and efficiency of mining teams

Follow in real time mining vehicle with the geolocation, engine usage time, mileage,

environmental obstacles, fuel consumption and more. Use voice alerts in the cabins to

inform and give directions to drivers, such as putting on one belt, attention aggressive

driving, or idling the engine, to ensure pilot safety and improve the efficiency of mining


Receive instant alert on mining vehicle in dangerous area.

Watch from distance vehicle downtime with telematics sensors.

Watch monitor extraction sites, loading areas and storage areas.

Watch the refueling time of the trucks.

Track underground mining assets to optimize costs.


Use real-time location systems, RFID tracking, WiFi, sensors, mobile devices, software, and other technology to get an overview of your mining operations.

Monitor entrances and exits, evacuation status, and receive instant alerts to send help as quickly as possible to keep employees safe.

Eliminate unplanned outages or equipment failures by monitoring them with computer-based sensors and logbooks.

Reduce mine costs by collecting data automatically without the need for human


Create a simple and fast communication link to install without the need for a big investment.

Watch for weather and environmental conditions in the most remote places.

Remotely measure the water quality and flow as well as the correct operation of the pumps and control systems.

Also measure the level of dust to protect sensitive mining machinery and equipments